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What is Company Change Management?

It is clear to almost all managers that overseeing your company’s change requires change management. It is also common in management to have a less tangible concept of change management, to have an intuitive understanding without being able to convey your comprehension in the words necessary to facilitate strategic development. This article will briefly outline […]

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How to save money insulating your house

There’s no disputing the fact that insulation can save you a lot of money. While there is an obvious upfront cost, the fact is that over the long-term, insulation more than pays for itself. Warmer rooms over the winter and cooler interiors in the summer, can both be more easily managed for maximum use with […]

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How to Handle a Financial Emergency with Bad Credit

Financial emergencies arise from a variety of circumstances and often cause severe distress. An expense like a car repair, medical bill, or appliance repair can quickly outstrip household savings. A job loss or income cut often makes paying essential bills impossible. For millions of Americans, turning to credit cards, home equity loans, or bank loans […]

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