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Always leave your emotions at home

Emotion is an essential part of our life. We cannot leave out emotion even if we want to and that is why many traders lose money in Forex. When traders trade in demo accounts, they get successful because there is no money in the account. All the money has been given by the broker and […]

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Running Your Daily Life like a Business

If you have some peers you can perhaps use as a relatively accurate yardstick against which to compare your own life then you might just be wondering how some of these peers manage to afford living better lives. After all, you earn around the same salaries, probably have the same amount of student debt to […]

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How to determine which insurance cover you need

There are many different types of insurance on offer – like car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, life insurance… the list goes on. However, learning about those different forms of insurance can leave you feeling rather concerned. Do you actually need all of this cover? Would you be unnecessarily putting yourself at risk if you […]

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