Fly Through Moving Day With Clearabee’s Rubbish Removal

Removal. Noun: a change of residence. The dictionary definition makes it seem all so straightforward.

The beginning of the end – or the end of the beginning?

Churchill’s famous WWII quote is nearer to the truth. Moving to a new home may not require tin hats, but it involves a level of planning that sometimes feels like a military campaign.

Moving day is the last stage in this process before your new life begins, so by now you’re probably seasoned veterans. At this point, you’ll be well past the basics of always making notes, making lists for your lists and double-checking that whoever was responsible for a certain task has in fact done it.

Going with you or going for good?

And so, everything is finally wrapped, packed and ready to go. The removal van is on its way. What matters is not what you’re taking with you, but what you’ll leave behind. Your happy memories will be going with you of course, along with many tangible reminders of your previous home in the form of well-loved items and furniture.

However, there will undoubtedly be some things that you don’t want to put on the van or leave for the incoming owners. These are often items that you can’t make a decision about until the final moments, once the important items are out of the way. It could be unwanted garden equipment in the shed; or that broken chair that you thought you might get round to fixing but now realise would be out of place in your new home anyway. Then there’s the left-over heap of wrapping and packing material, the stack of newspapers and the mixed contents of that long-forgotten cardboard box…

Bag it but don’t bin it

Being environmentally aware means no-one wants to burden our planet earth with more trash. But no-one wants to saddle themselves with the job of conscientious rubbish removal either, or spend precious time on moving day taking it to an appropriate waste recycling centre. That’s after spending yet more time sorting it.

There is a solution that you can factor into your plans. Clearabee’s Bee Bags are ideal for containing any last-minute rubbish on moving day and the cost of rubbish removal is part of the price. They come in different sizes, you can order them in advance – they’ll be posted to you – and reuse them if required. There are options for garden and house waste. Old electrical goods, clothes, toys: everything can be uplifted.

The really great thing about this approach to rubbish removal is that when you leave it to the experts like Clearabee, you know that your waste will be disposed of properly. Whatever can be recycled, will be recycled appropriately. Charity shops will benefit from any useful goods. These specialists know the location of the best centres for recycling specific waste.

So you can settle down to your first cuppa in your lovely new home knowing that you’ve chosen the most responsible rubbish removal option for your items.

Left it until the last minute? No worries

Despite your best laid plans, you’ve found yourself with a load of stuff on moving day that you definitely don’t want and haven’t planned for. (You’re not alone.) Give the folks at Clearabee a ring and they’ll be round with a van and some skilled uniformed staff in no time at all, ready to lift that sagging sofa and dispose of it properly. Happy housewarming!

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