Have to Move Right Away? Look for a Real Estate Investor That Lives By the Motto ‘We Buy Any House’

You’ve graduated from college and it’s time to see the world. Your summer plans include backpacking throughout Europe. When you bought your tiny home close to a University, it seemed as if it was a good idea at the time, but hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it. You have accepted a dynamic position that begins in September with a global company. The position is your dream job. The problem is it’s in Japan. You have to sell your home now. Can you do so quickly? Yes, you can.

Don’t Contact an Agent

You might believe the first step in your process should be to contact a real estate agent but that will delay the sale of your home and reduce the money you get out of it. Rather, look for an investment company that advertises we buy homes no matter their condition’ and then do a little homework. Sorry! Consider it extra credit since you’ve already graduated from university!

Make certain the investor is legitimate. Take a look at who works for the investment company. On its website should be a list of key personnel and a brief bio on each one. This helps you see how much real investing experience they have. The business should also discuss its company finances and how its home-buying process works. You should have general information at your fingertips.

The investor should also offer guarantees and have plenty of customer testimonials online or references you can call. You should be able to determine right away whether you can trust them, even if they promise ‘we buy any homes’ all over their website, social media, and marketing materials. While conducting your research live by the old adage, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it is’.

Investor Benefits

In many cases, a real estate investor can buy your home from you within seven days, which is a key benefit if you’re leaving for your summer trip in a week. This is one reason why many home sellers opt to go through an investment company. They don’t want to hassle with open houses and a long, confusing sales process. They just want to sell the home; now!

Investors will visit your property and give you an honest offer. It’s up to you whether you think it is a good one. One thing to consider, however, is you won’t have to pay an agent commission or an agency transaction fees. As such, the offer might seem a little low at first but do the maths. Will it be even lower once the agent takes his or her fees and commission?

You may find that the investor’s offer is fairer than going through an agency, and minus any bank fees, you get to pocket the money and -; well -; hike! You can use the money from the instant sale of your home for your backpacking trip and to help you relocate to Tokyo. This is a benefit that works in your favor, so consider this when readying to put your home on the market.

Communication Benefits

Another reason why more and more people opt to sell their homes directly to an investor rather than through an agency is communication. With traditional real estate transactions, as many as six people become involved. There is you, your potential buyer, your real estate agent, the buyer’s real estate agent, your bank, and the buyer’s bank. Is it any wonder these sales never go smoothly?

When you work directly with an independent investor, it’s just you and him or her. This keeps communication clear and transactions stress-free, and you don’t need any additional stress. After all, you may have a great summer planned, but in September it’s time for culture shock and a language barrier you never imagined! Don’t stress over your selling your home.

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