Hidden money in your drawers: Why you should be selling your unused gadgets

We all have them, older, defunct, maybe broken gadgets sitting in our living room dressers, kitchen drawers or at the bottom of our bedroom wardrobes. But once you start adding them together and putting them in the same place, you realise that you have a whole set of old technology that you won’t ever use again.

The good thing is, a lot of the metals, materials and stones within these old electronics can be recycled and used for the sum of their parts, of which there are many across a whole range of gadgetry, and even more so with newer items.

It is not only making the most of the reusable materials within these gadgets, the other priority is to safely and responsibly dispose of the materials within them that are dangerous for the environment, the lead in the solder and the batteries (nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion) all have elements that are hazardous for human consumption.

So recycling your old mobile is not only safer and responsible, a lot of the materials still hold value, so despite how ugly you may perceive your old phone or gadgets to be, the beauty often lies deep within.

Recycling digital cameras

An old digital camera is something that loses its resale value quickly and can become obsolete, but that is not to say that some of the components do not have value in. The advent of more advanced recycling processes means that specialised recycling plants are more common and the process optimised to a point where the components are worth more because they are more accessible.

Recycling old mobile phone

Mobile phones, no matter the age, tend to have a resale value either domestically or internationally. As such a lot of recyclers will compete on the price they offer, which leaves you in a decent position when looking for the best price possible.

How to recycle old PC’s

The PC is a large gadget comprised of several much smaller gadgets that do quickly lose their function or can no longer keep pace with the latest computing standards. Many of us will have old computers sitting around for fear of how to recycle properly without putting your personal data at risk. Using a service such as Eraser of Disk Wipe will ensure that deleted data is erased from the hard drive. Once that is completed, there are many services such as children’s homes or nursing homes that greatly appreciate a working unit, no matter how basic, simple programme functions and web search is generally much appreciated in these environments, get in touch locally for a reward of a little different than monetary.

There are many different organisations vying for your old hardware, gadgets and mobile phones, from charities to companies to the manufacturers offering buy-back programs for their old products, often giving you discount on a future product purchase (but also often not), Apple, Sony and Canon offer this service. If your aim is to cash in on the highest value for your old gadgets, then the recommendation would be to use a gadget and mobile phone comparison website such as Compare and Recycle that collates all the best prices from multiple recyclers for you to choose from.

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