How to Make Emails Consistent with Your Brand Image?

Not many business owners know about the power of email in strengthening their brand image. Most tend to oversee it when crafting a branding strategy. However, the fact is that branded email can help establish a professional brand image.


Making emails consistent with your brand image is important for successful branding. Here we will give some tips on how you can establish a professional presence by making emails consistent with the company’s brand image.

1. Enforce a Unified Email Signature Policy

You should not let the employees create a personal email signature. Instead, the signature of all the employees should be the same. This will ensure a consistent internal branding and project a professional image.

Consider creating an internal email signature policy and enforce it so that all the employees use the same signature design. You can use a dedicated email signature tool to enforce a unified email signature policy.

2. Logo Placement

Logos are an important part of a company’s brand. Make sure that the logo in the emails is displayed in a prominent location. The logo projects your brand, representing its principles and values. That’s why it should be an important part of the email design.

The logo should ideally be placed in the upper left corner, for maximum visibility. This is often the first spot seen by readers of languages that run from left to right. Placing the email in the upper left corner will help identify the email and project a positive brand image.

3. Use Consistent Fonts

Make sure to use consistent fonts in all emails. All the employees should use a consistent font in correspondence with each other and outside the firm. Using a ‘wacky’ custom font is good at projecting individuality, but gives an unprofessional look.

Always use the same font for every component of the email. In case the company uses Arial font, the email signature should also use the font. Some other professional fonts include Verdana, Sans-serif, and Tahoma. Also, the size of the font should not be greater than 12 points, except in the case of headings.

4. Use Email Templates

Using email templates is also important to create a consistent brand message. Templates can make it easy to maintain consistency. It can help your customers and vendors easily recognize your company. You should select a professional template that complies with legal and internal branding policy.

An email that is consistent with the brand shows that your company is professional and well-established. This creates a positive impression for both the stakeholders and the customers and ultimately says a lot about your brand’s core values. The more professional and well-designed your emails are, the more people will have a positive perception of your brand, and be much more likely to peruse your product and service offerings.


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