How You Can Create the Best Designs for Your Customised T-Shirts

Designing a t-shirt is easy enough if you are a graphic artist yourself, but what if you’re not? What if you’re simply the owner of a small- or medium-sized business, and you want to make use of customised t-shirts to promote your wares and offerings? T-shirt design can be tricky if you want to make sure that you impart a clear message and attract attention at the same time. Whether you are planning to use personalised t-shirts for a particular event or for use by your employees in your workplace, here’s how you can create the best designs for your customised t-shirts.

Know your concept

If you already have an idea for your design, sketch or draw it out. You don’t have to be excellent at sketching or drawing, a simple rough draft will do so you can see your idea on paper. Once you have a general idea of the design you have in mind, you can then make several variations of it to see how it looks. You can leave it alone for a while (sleep on it) and go back to it the next day to see if it still makes sense.

Lean towards simplicity, but take note of the details

Whilst most people appreciate great graphics and design ability, your personalised t-shirt should have the right balance between creativity and simplicity as well. In many cases, the simplest yet most striking t-shirt designs are the most successful. Strive for impact with individuality and uniqueness rather than too much detail.

Know your target audience

In coming up with a great design for a customised t-shirt, it’s essential to know your target audience, as confirmed by reputable London based t-shirt printers like Garment Printing. Who is it for? Are your t-shirts going to be used by males or females, young or old, or just the general population? Who are your customers? If you’re designing a t-shirt for your customers to wear and appreciate, know who they are and what attracts them. It’s important to know your company and its image too – if you run a financial services firm, it would be a good idea to go for a more formal look; alternatively, if you run a small fish and chip shop, then you can aim for something a bit quirky and fun. If you are designing a personalised t-shirt just for your staff and workers, think about the kind of image you would like to project to your customers; after all, your customers are the ones who will see the shirts and take away the message from them.

Humour is good, but…

T-shirts with a bit of humour on them can be a popular draw, especially if they’re witty and in tune with the times. But you also have to strike the right balance between stylish yet humorous design and a design that’s just too tawdry or cheap. When it comes to humour, keep it subtle.

Think of the colours

The colour of your designs can also contribute to their success, so think of it wisely. In general, it would be a good idea to stick with colours which complement each other. If you already have company colours, you can use them in your personalised t-shirts and choose other colours which go well with them.

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