Jump Starting Your Ecommerce Website With A Pre-built Shopping Cart Solution

Some companies that get involved in ecommerce end up buying a commercial shopping cart and installing it in private hosting space. Other companies download a free shopping cart package and then configure it for their own ecommerce site.

But when it comes to adding value to your firm without spending too much development time getting your ecommerce site up and running, the award for efficiency currently goes to the people who are able to find a hosting partner that offers a free, yet sophisticated, pre-configured shopping cart to use with their ecommerce site.

Here are some reasons why working with a pre-configured site is currently a better option for businesses:


Convergence is the concept that all trends that are currently happening in the digital space will meet. With shopping carts, the idea that convergence is occurring or has occurred mostly refers to the notion that the feature set that hosting providers like 1shoppingcart.com offer with their free shopping cart packages is so robust that it almost mirrors a shopping cart package that you would need to pay for separately.

The bottom line for you the user is that you can do more with your shopping cart- even though you are paying for an ecommerce site only.

Pre-built Templates:

The state of technology in the ecommerce industry makes it so that most online shopping carts that you can purchase or use have a lot of features packed into them. You might find, however, that the look of the shopping cart doesn’t always match what you expected. This is normally because people tend to use templates to finalize the how the store is presented to their users. There are often a wide variety of templates that are in use. Some of the top hosting vendors like 1shoppingcart.com actually include pre-built templates for free with your hosting account. You can therefore browse through a large selection of templates and find one that matches your design goals completely.

Transaction Fees:

When you are looking for an ecommerce solution that will provide you with the best support and the best return, most advisers will tell you that focusing on the transaction fee can make a difference. The standard transaction fee for a lot of companies is greater than 2%. With some hosting providers like 1shoppingcart.com, the base level transaction fee is at 1 percent and only keeps dropping from there as you opt for more and more sophisticated accounts. That can make a significant difference in the amount of revenue that you book through your website because a lot of ecommerce sites choose to pass their transaction fees on to the customer. If your transaction fees are lower, it should make your firm more competitive.

Finding a solid piece of shopping cart software is no longer that difficult. Finding an integrated deal that includes the tools and the features that you need to be successful for a competitive price can take some work, but if you spend a little time looking, you will find the right vendor.

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