Mental Exercise Is Just as Important as Physical Exercise

A lot of the time when one interviews or just has a simple chat with working professionals earning their living in the corporate world, the one thing they almost always consistently maintain is how they’re job has almost nothing to do with what they studied for. That much talked-about, all-important piece of paper known as the degree (or diploma) gets put into perspective once you enter the workspace. Granted, there are a lucky few whose careers have them doing exactly what they studied for (and perhaps what they’re passionate about), but for most people the value of the qualification you got comes in more of a general form, in that you apply the principals of how you acquired your qualification as opposed to the core principles that qualification taught you.

Slipping into a daily routine as a result of your mind not being challenged the way you want it to can have some health effects which would otherwise prove challenging to point back to a lack of mental exercise. It’s important to give your mind the much-needed exercise it deserves, otherwise the problems you might have to deal with go way beyond just yearning for a change in career or job. If you’re feeling tired all the time and yet you eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep, it could be a sign of mental stagnation.

I mean you’ve perhaps noticed how a tired mind can affect your entire body physically. A stagnant, unchallenged mind can have the exact same effect or worse, but the tricky bit about it is that it can often get confused for mental fatigue as the root cause. So basically your mind needs to be put through its paces every now and then, but preferably consistently, so as to remain sharp, keep developing and most importantly, function the way it’s meant to function in relation to how it physically affects your body.

You don’t have to take part in some brain-stretching general knowledge competition or anything of the sort to give your mind some of the exercise it needs and you don’t have to resort to hitting the books to study either. The best mental exercise is as fun as it is challenging and if you can engage as many people as possible, all the better.

Subscribe to one of those sites which offer a daily brain-teaser or two, do the morning paper’s crossword puzzle or immerse yourself in quick game of Sudoku once in a while and that satisfaction you get out of cracking the puzzle will do you and your mind a world of good. If you want a challenge that’s a little bigger, there’s nothing like visiting the likes of to try and perhaps put your statistical analysis skills to good use. We all have these skills and if they’re applied to just about any segment of the gambling world, the mental exercise you subject yourself to could very well pay off in a huge way, financially.

If you can just feel your brain cells wasting away as a result of not getting enough of a mental challenge, you really need to take the time to engage your mind in some mental exercise to complement the physical exercise.

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