Why now is the time to start your Christmas shopping

For many summer holidays are still a fresh memory, and the last thing many people will want to think about is Christmas, but the time to do so is now. However an online money saving and voucher code website found that to avoid getting into debt over the festive period, you’re best to start your Christmas shopping now.

Researching how to help consumers save money in the run up to Christmas, an online money saving and voucher code website discovered that the average Brit spent £641.90 on Christmas 2015. So to help avoid getting into debt this year, they are advising people start planning and prepping for Christmas now.

Preparing for Christmas can be a daunting task, especially with the summer holidays only just out of the way. However My Voucher Codes has produced a handy guide on how to plan and prep for Christmas now and save yourself £s.

Start saving with our 10 Week Savings Plan: you start with as little as £12 and increase the amount you save each week by £12, so after the 10 weeks you will have £660 saved to spend on Christmas.  If you’re starting early September, you should have the £660 saved by the middle of October, just in time mid-season sales and then Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events.

My Voucher Codes 10 Week Savings Plan
Week Amount Total
1 £12 £12
2 £24 £36
3 £36 £72
4 £48 £120
5 £60 £180
6 £72 £252
7 £84 £336
8 £96 £432
9 £108 £540
10 £120 £660

#1 Lists

The key to saving money is organisation, even if you’re starting with just 10 weeks to go, rather 52 weeks. Set a budget, and then create lists before you head out to the shops. Stick to the list, especially in key areas such as:

  • Food and Drink.
  • Presents.
  • Decoration, wrap and cards.

#2 Sales and offers

Luckily in the run up to Christmas there are many sales on, so refer to your lists for items you can get in sales such as Black Friday and seasonal offers. When shopping in these sales, only buy what is on your list so you only get what you need, even if you’re coming in under budget. For anything which you can’t find in the sales, use comparison websites to find the best deals, voucher codes for money off and of course cashback sites or cards.

It can be easy to over buy food and drink for Christmas, people seem to forget the shops are now only closed Christmas day, so there isn’t much chance you’re going to run out of things to eat. Look for food and drink you can purchase from your lists in the weeks before, such as big joints of meat which can be frozen, prepared items and take advantage of offers in stores on alcohol and chocolates. Don’t be tempted on BOGOF offers for items not on your list as most of the food you end up buying will go to waste.

Remember that whenever you think you’ve found a great deal, to check price comparison sites like OnlyReviews.com to see if you might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else. Often shoppers will see that a price has been slashed significantly and assume that this means it must be great value. However, a lot of sites will raise the price just before they ‘reduce’ it so that it seems like a better bargain than it actually is.

#3 Get crafty

To save money on cards, why not recycle last year’s if you still have them? Repurpose them as present tags or buy some card from a craft store and use the fronts of your old cards on new ones. You can buy stamps or stickers for the greeting inside so you don’t have to keep writing out verses. Just make sure to note who sent you which card the year before. If you’re not very crafty, opt for e-cards instead. The modern version of the card still lets someone know you’re thinking of them this festive season, but cuts down on the cost not just to yourself but to the environment.

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