Why They Give you Free Stuff When You Don’t Need it Anymore

If you’re a follower of any realm of the entertainment world you’d naturally look forward to the annual awards season associated with each of those corners of the entertainment world, looking to see if your favourite stars and celebs take home some accolades in recognition of their good work. This applies to just about any segment of the entertainment world, be it sports, movies, music, culture and even something like what the Guinness World Records organisation is all about.

When watching your favourite stars go up onto the stage to collect their awards, guided by what is usually an equally famous host or hosts, what you may or may not know is that a whole lot more goes on behind the scenes. I’m not merely talking about the organisational side of the event, but about the sponsorship element. That’s actually what these awards ceremonies are all about because that’s what drives them.

Without sponsors, these awards ceremonies would not be possible and it is indeed the various sponsors who fund the often very heft prize monies winners walk away with along with their newly minted place in the industry record books. Surely you must have heard of the very famous “goodie bag” each celebrity receives and if you have you might have lit up all the way green with envy just thinking about what is in those bags.

More than half of the stuff that’s in those goodie bags is stuff which these high-earning celebrities don’t need. There’s probably not a single item in those bags which people in the positions of these rich and famous individuals couldn’t afford to buy themselves, many times over, but that’s just the nature of the game. Once you reach a stage in your life when you really don’t need to receive all the free stuff that’s shoved into your face, that’s when it all rolls in.

The reason why they give people free stuff when they don’t really need it anymore is simply one which is driven by marketing. I mean what makes a pair of Gucci shades worth $2,000, is it the mere the fact that that is the valuation given to it? What does a $2,000 pair of shades do even marginally better than one which I could have bought right here in Petticoat Lane for a mere £5?

It’s not like that across the board however because some platforms like bonus-slots.co.uk understand that the same impact can be made through giving away free goodies (in the form of casino bonuses in this instance) to those who could really do with a leg up.

If you think about the stories of those who have “made it” and pan back to the days when they might have been struggling to make ends meet while chasing their dreams and just waiting for that one big break, they perhaps could have done with a pair of $2,000 shades to pay their bills or fund some of the elements of their craft like getting a professional portfolio put together, having a website built, etc.

It really is something that would bother anybody who has had a taste for both sides of the financial tracks, but it is indeed unfortunately something we’ll just have to keep living with. Just try to borrow money from the bank for example and you’ll likely find out that in order to get that loan, you essentially have to provide proof that you don’t need it!

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